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New/Last Album
Mike and Jason should be working on a cover and getting the CD pressed soon. Keep checking in to see where you can get one.


Yes, Ian is going to school.
Yes, Kari is going to school.
Yes, the jam space has been emptied and is currently occupied by someone else.
Yes, this might be the last show we ever play.
Are we finished? No. Everytime you put our CD's in, we will be there. For everyone who ever jammed or got drunk in the jam space or saw us live or hears us on WTOS or WCYY at 3am, we will always be here. We are not finished until everyone forgets that we ever existed and forgets the words to the "Mom Song" and forgets about all of it, because there is more here than music. There was free PA lending and sound men. There were drunken weed parties in the pits and skinny dipping at Jericho. There were bon-fires in Mikes yard. There were vomited jelly beans and gallons of beer. There was broken shit and mikes free tinkering jobs on everything from PA's to guitars to cars. There were cars destroyed in sand pits. There were graduations, birthdays, weddings...... There was duct tap. Miles of it.
So now the next time you see Mike and Jason on stage, it won't be Pinion. The next time you hear one of Ians mix jobs, it won't Pinion. The next time you smell ozone and burning rubber during a show, it won't be the Pinion PA. The next time you take a test, it will be in a different school. The next time you see the sky, it will be over a different town. This is our time, down here. Down here it's our time. And thats all over the second we climb up ......... oops. I got lost there for a sec. sorry.
Yes, it is with deepest regret that we announce a very long hiatus. NOT a breakup. We aren't dying, Goonies never say "die".